S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) + MANAGEMENT

S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) is a must for your business, and as you can see from Search Engine Land's video, S.E.O. is a must if you plan to rank well in the search engines (Google, BING & Others). How well a website ranks in a search query will depend on a lot of different factors. Besides the many factors, search engines change their algorithms about 500 times a year. This will affect how & where your website will rank in the search engines. The heart of SEO is all about relevance. Google must think your website is more relevant to the keyword(s) you are trying to get found for in order to rank high in the SERP! To rank high, the search engines require you to optimize your website for your targeted keyword(s), follow all of the search engine rules and show the search engines that you are an authority on your keyword(s). This requires an in-depth process that combines technical know-how, content that is relevant to your keywords and building authority through back links and other references. You can certainly try to do it yourself, but be prepared to spend a ton of time learning all the rules and regulations about SEO from Google. Then prepare to spend a lot of time tracking your progress. That is just the beginning! SEO is an on going process. Nope, it is not a one time and done process. So, why would you want to spend your precious time as a business owner doing that when you have a business to run! Not sure, Contact Us today and lets talk about your goals!

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Relative Content

Relative Content is one of the most important items in SEO. If your website doesn't show relevance to your keyword, then you will never rank for it.

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Site Map

Site Maps show Google and other search engines how your site is structured. Many other factors such as Site Maps also affect your website rankings.

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Google / BING Listing

Both Google and BING give you what they call, "A Business Listing". Both listing are extremely important. We will setup these listings for you.

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Fast load times

All search engines have a "Page Speed" ranking factor. Your website must be delivered to the end user both fast and relevant to the keyword(s) you are trying to rank for.

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Protected Website

In today's world, your website is vunerable to hackers and attacks 24/7. We help protect your website from those interruptions. We use some of the best in website protection software!

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More Traffic

All business owners want more traffic. Traffic, meaning people coming to their website, of course. We help make your website more visible to people so they will want to click on your website link!

S.E.O. Pricing

$249.95 / Mo.
$2899.95 / Yr.

Our regular S.E.O. program also includes our website management system. You will not have to pay for both S.E.O. and website management under this program. They are included together!

$259.95 / Mo.
$2999.95 / Yr.

This is our S.E.O. Host program. This program will include us hosting your website, maintaining your website and also providing S.E.O. for your website!

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