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Managed Website Systems was developed to give business owners a little peace of mind! As we all know, the internet can be problematic at times. Hackers are always trying to take down your website or install a virus on it. If your website went down, would you even know it? Links can get broken without your knowledge. Servers can get slow or have issues. There are many things that can happen to your website and you won't even know it until someone calls you and tells you. Your website is your business online! It lets potential customers know who you are and what your company does. Remember, first impressions are the most important! You already have way too much to worry about while you are running a business. Wouldn't it be nice to have a trustworthy company managing your website for you? Our low cost website management system monitors it all for you! Below the video are just a few of the features included with our managed website system. But first, take a second and watch our quick video below.

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You run your business and we'll manage & protect your website!
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We want to support as many small businesses as we can! We too are a "small" business. Small businesses make up the majority of the work force in the United States. We understand concerns about your website a small business might face on a daily basis. The last thing you need to worry about is your website! Some small businesses aren't worried about what their websites look like or if they are functioning correctly, but they should be. Your website is YOU and your business on the internet! It is the same as saying you don't care about getting any business. Some small business owners don't realize their website is a reflection of them and how they run their business. If you want to get business, then you need to care about what you present to the world as the gateway to doing business with you! We want our customers to KNOW that they can trust us to manage their sites. So we try to stress how committed we are to managing & protecting your site. Our prices are set low to give you solid protection while not straining your bank account! It is similar to buying insurance to protect something you hold of value. Besides your employees, your website should be one of the most important things in your business!

We will need to have access to your website in order to maintain proper backups and other things. We charge a small setup fee which covers the cost of necessary software and time needed to setup the application to start managing your website! We are a personal relationship company. This means that we want to have a solid relationship with you and or your business. We are not like the big companies who only see you as a number or a paycheck. We strive to help you succeed in all your ventures! Our setup fee is a one time charge of $99.95. You will see it included when you sign up for our service.  A little bit of money for a lot of piece of mind! What a deal....right?


$39.95 / Mo.

Only $39.95 per month! Our competitors are at about $80. We want to help small businesses, not cost them more! Get our Managed Website System today!


$399.95 / Yr.
Get protected
+ HostING
$49.95 / Mo.

Yep.. Reliable hosting for only $10 per month. We host on some of the fastest servers available. Get better hosting & protection with our Managed Website System!


$499.95 / Yr.
get protected



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S.E.O. is very important! Check out this video produced by Search Engine Land.  Regular Site Management is also included with our SEO package.

What is s.e.o.?

protection is a must!

Protecting your website is a MUST!! Whether you do it, you allow us to do it or you let another company do it, protecting your website is a must to survive in today's world! No company is 100% perfect all of the time. Yeah, things happen, but I can tell you that Managed Website Systems is dedicated to doing the job to the very best of our ability! We truly have your back! Simply make a choice below of whether you would like to pay monthly or yearly. We look forward to serving you for many years to come!

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Got a WordPress Website?

Don't have an HTML website? No problem. We have a sister website which also protects and maintenances WordPress websites. All of the same excellent coverages, only done for WordPress websites. Simply click on the button below to be taken to our WP Management Systems website.

WP Management Systems

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